Honeywell Wireless IP Cameras (Tier 5 Only)

Tier 5 Monitoring (Required)

*Tier 5 monitoring is required for all Honeywell Wireless IP Cameras. To learn more about our monitoring tiers, click the following link: MONITORING TIERS

  • SUPPORTS remote access & storage of up to 6 wireless cameras accessible through the Total connect 2.0 app
  • There are 4 camera options to choose from to best fit your needs
  • View the cameras live through the TC 2.0 app
  • Video captured from the cameras are stored on the cloud for up to 7 days
  • The stored video is accessible 24/7 through your TC 2.0 app
  • Video is recorded when motion is triggered for 10 seconds at a time

$54.95 / per month (Includes all of the benefits found in monitoring tiers 1 - 5)

Equipment / Installation / Programming Cost - varies based upon the specifics of your final quote